DataStore is a software component that allows data to be stored in a simple and transparent way. It is an alternative to the traditional relational database. Many applications have a data access layer that maps the objects you deal with in your program to the objects you store in the database. This involves writing SQL, using a framework, or product that does the job for you. This is not necessary with DataStore, because of the way it allows you to model and access your data. The data is modelled using Items , Attributes , and Associations.


Anything you want to store information about. E.g. Customers, Orders, Order Lines and Products.


Information about items that can be represented by values: Strings, numbers dates etc. Customer Code and Name; Order No and Date.


Information about an item's relationships with other items. The Orders made by a Customer ; what Product is Ordered By an OrderLine .

What next?

  • Key Concepts gives a brief description of the objects you interface with.
  • Getting Started describes how to download, install, and start using DataStore